An Ambulance For Satrasaya



Stationery ambulance at the new Medical Center in Satrasaya Phant / Aanbu-1

Satrasaya is part of the joint management between Aanbu-1, Baradi which is in the district of Tanahu. The ambulance would be strategically stationed just off the main road between the two cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara,




10The goal would be to provide the communities living in Tanahu access to "immediate" medical help. The vehicle would be conveniently stationed just off the main road connecting Kathmandu - Pokhara.

The future "Medical Center" consists of 3 parts

  • a Health Station
  • a "First Aid Station" with transport vehicle and
  • a teaching, training and education center

The health center consists of a first aid station which is a project by medihimal in cooperation with the Red Cross, The plan would be to equip the vehicle with the necessary instruments and materials required for primary and emergency care.

The ambulance should be either a Mahindra or Tata model so that the drivers and medical staff are familiar with the vehicle and when necessary, maintenance at the local garage can be done immediately with minimal obstacles.

In addition to the First Aid Station a teaching center is planned. The overall goal is to educate the people and help them build their skills in order to attain a level of independence and self-sustainability.


Donations are needed to finish the project in time.
Any amount is more than welcome and invested in the project without any deductions.
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