The Latest News from Serlo


we have worked for many years in the Solu Khumbu region and very closely with the monastery in Serlo.
Many projects were not only planned but also completed. Examples such as the energy project "Power for Serlo", a learning and meditation center, a water system, agricultural projects and the first medihimal training center called ‘Technical School Serlo.’
Due to the devastating earthquake in April and May 2015 the entire monastery has been terribly damaged. The following pages are about the situation in Serlo written by our project manager Christine Specht.


After the last three weeks of being in Nepal and returning to Munich on May 1, 2015 I would like to take this opportunity to describe the situation over there. Rather than post more pictures of the damages caused by the earthquake I feel it is more important to give you an over-view of what it was like before the earthquake and join forces for the rebuilding of Serlo Monastery and the community of Serlo.

This year we managed to start the production of incense with our own machine. Enclosed are photos taken during the painting class on Tankas and English lessons. In addition, here are photos of the completed dry toilets which worked well and the new smokeless large oven in the kitchen. The Serlo community and Monastery took great pride in all these accomplishments.

Unfortunately, there was a heavy storm which destroyed large parts of the harvest before the earthquake. After the earthquakes many buildings were heavily damaged and the monks, young and old had to sleep in tents. Toilets and training centers were also destroyed. Many families in the area have lost their homes and now the monsoon season has started which makes the situation even harder to cope and stay safe and healthy.

Above are two photos of Serlo before the earthquake. I urge you to support us so please donate using the keyword "emergency Solu Khumu" to medihimal general business account 14 11 94 32 at the Stadtsparkasse Munich, bank code 701 500 00
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Your donation is tax deductible and accepted by the tax office provided all bank transfers are payable with the reference ‘donation.’ For donations larger than 200 euros you will receive a donor certificate. Please provide us with your full address. More information on our projects in Serlo and Bhakanje are on our website. Please be assured that all donations to medihimal go to the various projects directly. Kindly share this mail with friends and acquaintances so that we can organize the most effective rebuilding effort in the shortest possible time