The Tsum Valley Project

Tsum Valley is one of the hidden valleys of the Inner Himalaya in the northern border area of Nepal, gorka close to Tibet in the Gorkha district. Upper Tsum - where Mu Gompa and Rachen Nunnery are located - is home to some 2,000 inhabitants of almost exclusively Tibetan.

The people especially in the upper part of Tsum Valley - which is only accessible by foot or helicopter with the walk to Rachen Nunnery taking up to six days for visitors - are living under incredibly harsh conditions with very limited access to either medical care or other amenities of modern life.
In this environment Buddhist monasteries like Rachen Nunnery and Mu Gompa, which are both associated with Kathmandu’s Kopan Monastery, serve an important function providing access to medical facilities (normally Tibetan medicine) and education for underprivileged children. In addition to the lack of acute medical care, which is addressed in a concurrent project by Dr. Marieluise Linderer, people there also still lack access to energy and related infrastructure.

While the living quarters in Mu have been rebuilt over the last years, Mu does not have any access to neither electricity or warm water for personal hygiene. While conditions in Rachen have slightly improved with electricity supplied by a micro hydro power plant for night time and for lighting only, there is still no warm-water available.
The focus of the 'Tsum Power Project' thus is to improve living conditions in Mu and Rachen by
a)    Providing electricity to Mu Gompa to power lights as well as miscellaneous applicances (e.g. a PC) via solar panels;
b)    Construct warm water shower facilities in Rachen Nunnery (and if possible also in Mu) using solar-thermal water heaters.
From the funds received so far, three solar water heaters have recently been deployed in Rachen, incl. construction of the respective shower stalls and piping.

We are now soliciting quotations from local firms for the photovoltaic installation in Mu with an installation probably taking place in spring 2013.
For this we would appreciate your support marked 'Tsum Power Project'.
All donations will be used exclusively for this project. The project team is working solely on a volunteer basis.

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